Striking Balance: Mind,Body and Soul


They say that life is the biggest  teacher. The first two decades of my life were spent in hustle and bustle, in getting prepared for the show. The time was spent in learning the ropes. While learning continues, i feel the observer in me now can correlate some of the things with my limited knowledge. All our life i tried to  seek balance in every aspect of my life. As a  child, the balance was in passing with good marks. As an adult, the balance was in earning a handsome amount. As a mother, i seek my balance as a primary caregiver to my toddler. While there is no problem in aspiring for things, problem arises when we seek for excess of everything. Excess of good grades, excess of money, excess of love, excess of anger and the list is endless.  Exercising moderation is the key, which one can learn from the surroundings. Here  are few of my learnings so far, which i thought worthwhile of  sharing with everyone-

Nature as our teacher:

Nature is our biggest teacher and one of the  important things which we mortals can pick up from it is “Balance”. Nature strikes balance so effortlessly and then everything just happens  in a clockwork pattern. Ocean never worries from where  will it source its water. Seasons don’t  need  reminders.  Our biological functions are so well-synchronized.

We, humans, aren’t we just a  small portion of nature ourselves? Indeed we are,  as all components of our environment are part of our being. History is replete with instances that  whenever  we apply our “free-will” in  the course of nature ,  it’s only  when  disruptions occur. On a macro-scale , all man-made disasters pay testimony to this  fact only.  Then, can we  being a part of it escape the consequences? perhaps not. The rising incidences of lifestyle disorders, cancers, mental disorders etc are somewhere  linked  with in-equilibrium.

What is a disease?

A disease is nothing but an indication that “mind, body and soul” are not  in sync. As a species, we have achieved significant success over infectious diseases as the cause is external  but a lot needs to be done when the cause  emerges from within. When the  cause is our thoughts, our work, relationships, our choices. Believe me, there can be no magic pill for all these and  the only option is  to strike a balance between mind, body and soul. If any of these three is neglected then our body would  suffer from psycho-somatic symptoms. By balance,  i definitely don’t mean only physical aspects like exercise, diet etc but it is way beyond these. For example: A person on weight loss spree is cutting on fats, sugars, exercising well etc but the results are contrary. Why so?  The  reason is simple that  something is amiss, such that the three things are not in sync. we  think, we can fool our  body  by following crash diets,  random exercise and treat our body just as an afterthought. Eating nutritious  food without  thoughtfulness(mind stuck in TV or any gadget) , doing hundreds of suryanamakars without actually being present in the moment is not going  to lead us anywhere. In food, quality is important but equally important is quantity and  timing. Just imagine a loaded vehicle, and you  try to put in  more and more fuel. The result is self explanatory.

Texts are full of content, guiding about vital nutrients of a balanced diet but very few would talk about creating a balanced environment within  the body to  absorb those nutrients. Metabolism is genetic no doubt, but it has psychological aspects too.

Mental Gloom:

Anxiety, a major mental epidemic which affects millions, is an indication that the  soul and body are not behaving in tandem. If deep within  you are sure  about your calling but still chase contrary pursuits  then the ramification  can be anxiety for sure. An eminent personality was once asked about his plans to join politics. He bantered that the profession would shorten his lifespan significantly. Well that’s not a joke as different body-types respond differently to stimuli (professions here). No wonder, why many celebrities have owned up about their bouts of depression. Nobody can deny  the  correlation  between stomach  disorders  and stress.

Harbouring good thoughts is equally important too. We don’t eat them but we assimilate them all the time sub-consciously. What can travel faster than light? Perhaps, only our thoughts. What is  a thought? It isn’t matter, then maybe some energy which vibrates our very being with varied frequencies. Those frequencies are able to alter chemical communication that happens between millions of cells at every moment.

Magic Pill:

Well, unfortunately there is no magic pill available. The solution is to seek balance, slowly  and steadily. Being alert and carefully examining what works and what won’t.  My magic pill could be absolutely different from yours as mine is also still evolving. Body give signals, don’t  ignore  them. One must listen to the conversation between the mind, body and soul, that happens all the time.