True Meaning of Creativity


Creativity is the buzzword these days. There seems to be only two breeds of people nowadays- the creative and the not so creative ones. Who doesn’t want to be the part of this bandwagon, when creativity manufacturing machines are being installed everywhere.  There used to be a time in my life, when I used to derive immense pride on being called creative. Creativity to me was restricted to art and craft, and at best creating something best out of waste. It’s unfortunate that I spent almost 30 years of my life holding on to hollow beliefs about creativity.

Once I landed a chance to attend a workshop on the given subject. I was beaming with excitement while waiting for an opportunity to share a few tips with the group members. Little I knew that by the completion of that session, my beliefs were to be shaken.

The session began with defining the creativity and I was not amused to observe that almost everyone had stuck to the standard explanation. But we all were in for a big shock when our collective understanding was nullified. We all were asked to mull over the end-result of this type of creativity, which we are so much attuned to. We were told to introspect what in the name of creativity we do and what we should actually be doing. Is it justified to spend millions in decoration in the name of creativity? I was asked to think about the fate of my last created craft and I had to admit that it surely was acquiring dust somewhere or must have been lost.

I agree that today world is going crazy after creativity. Are we going wrong somewhere? Shouldn’t creativity be making our lives simpler and better, rather than making it cluttered?  Is it good to promote excessive consumerist tendencies in the name of creativity? Tons of plastic and raw material get wasted, which can be put to better use. “Does it mean that human being should cease to be creative?” a participant inquired.

The answer was simple and logical. “The world is in never-before need of creativity for collective growth of our civilization, but we need to address the subject with a changed perspective” responded the trainer.

So why do we need creativity for?

  • We need creativity to live our lives creatively. When we are down on luck and can’t figure out a way out, then we can resort to find out creative solutions for our problems. Remember, how Stephen Hawking learnt to live life creatively with limitations of his body and made something beautiful out it.
  • True creativity lies in solving society’s issues and not in increasing them.
  • Creativity lies in finding new ways of approaching the same relationship, which has gone stale.
  • It should help one to become a better version of oneself by reducing traits like anger, greed, jealousy, hatred etc. It should augment the overall quality of life.
  • Creativity doesn’t lie in buying new clothes every month, but perhaps in fitting in old ones by losing an inch or two.
  • It should be a win-win proposition for everyone. My win should not be someone else’s loss.

We all left the session lost deep in thought. Sometimes, there comes a time in life when you have to let go off old beliefs, in order to accommodate for the change.  At the same time, we all were very happy for being given so many avenues wherein we could explore our new found creativity, but with a changed perspective.

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